Are the Legacy Stripes supposed to match up in the lining?

  1. Ok maybe I am being too picky, but I got my black Ali today vie FedEx and the interior is bugging me.
    Are the lining stripes supposed to match up at the bottom? If I am being too picky, please tell me.
    Any Ali owners, please help!

    IMG_9350 2.jpg
  2. I don't have an Ali, but I have a slim flap, and my stripes don't match up. None of the pictures I've seen of other legacy bags have the stripes matching up either. It would look pretty cool if they did, though!
  3. none of my stripes match on my legacy stuff
  4. Same here-my stripes don't match up on my linings either. I guess that would just add more to the cost if they had to do that because it would create more wasted fabric.
  5. I have an Ali and a Legacy satchel and none of the interior lining stripes match up.
  6. I don't have a seam right in the middle of the bottom of my legacy shoulder bag. That would annoy me. Mine's one big piece of fabric. However it doesn't match up with the stripes on the lining on the sides, no.