Are the Jumbos still $2250 at Neimans?

  1. I saw today at Saks that they are now $2650! Why would they up their prices early?? I thought it was changing on November 1st! Anyway, are the prices still the same at Neimans? :s
  2. wow...that's a big jump but i'm surprised the early price increase. Wuld love to hear from the rest abt NM too.
  3. You know, I called the Chanel boutique in BH last week and the SA said the price increase would happen before Nov 1st. IDK. :shrugs: I say if you're intending to get something, get it now instead of waiting...
  4. I spoke to Annie at NM, Troy yesterday. Jumbo caviar is still $2250. And yes, Saks prices went up already.....makes you want to rush out and buy something now!!!!
  5. That's what my SA at NM said too. I spoke to her last week and she said the price increase is next week/maybe before Nov. 1/Nov. 1. She did said there's going to be a 22% increase. So yeah, if there's something that you like get it asap. hehehe:angel:
  6. Yeah I am going to NM tomorrow and making sure I grab it before the price increase. Thanks!
  7. grrrrr i prefer saks since they take master/visa. But i really need to buy another med classic like NOW ... i guess i have to call Neimans?
  8. ^You can buy gift cards from the NM website and use it for the flap. It's gonna take a whole bunch of gift cards to get the med flap though. But at least you can use Visa/Master this way!
  9. Thanks for the above confirmation:love:
  10. The lambskin jumbos are 1900+ euro(about 2675usd) in Netherlands for over a month already.. don't know if that is including increase :confused1:...
  11. good luck ladies!
  12. Anyone know how much lambskin jumbos are in the US AFTER the price increase?
  13. acks! i hate price hikes! thank god i got my jumbo already!
  14. What about the reissues? Are they going up too? Someone help

    I've asked this questions a million time w/ no confirmation

  15. ^ i don't know! i suspect with high gut feeling that all flaps would be (if they're gonna increase on classics, they'd probably mark up the upcoming 'new' stuff). i've read in the style mag here in singapore that the new Cruise small quilted bubble (or something like that in lilac plastic sort of fabric, most definitely not leather) flap costs around USD2800. :wtf: it's ridiculous! it's not even a medium size! and i saw those colorful resin/acrylic bangles, the prices say 3 for around USD1400. ACKS! my eyes almost dropped out when i glanced through the prices, to make sure, i glanced again and my jaws dropped. :wtf::wtf::wtf: