Are the Jumbo Crackled Patents being released again?

  1. I had one from last year, and sold it, but I really miss it. I know the mediums are around, but what about the Jumbos? My SA said they weren't getting any.
  2. I think CHANELboy posted that they were being re-released...there's a thread in the shopping forum.
  3. That's good to hear! Love the jumbo.
  4. Yes--he verified they would be relisted and the price!
  5. bump...any new info on this? thanks!
  6. I have a navy and love it - It would be great to get another color :love:
  7. The cracked patent will hopefully be one of the bags that I buy in 2008. :love:
  8. I also head they will be re-released. I'll check it out in February when I go to the Chanel Boutique.

    I'm sure there will be others on this board that will see them before me, as I don't live close to a boutique. :sad: