are the inside of pockets now lined in chevre?

  1. I remember talk about this..Birkin ladies come forward.
  2. I have purchased several J and K stamped bags this year and none have this...............just curious. I purchase only from the store so I am not concerned just wondering
  3. Yes, from this year the inside of the open pocket in the Birkin (I don't know about other bags) is lined in chevre. My Vache Naturelle Birkin bought in January, but still stamped J, still has the old lining; while my Clemence Birkin bought in April has the new pocket lining. Both bags were bought at H......
  4. I have two K stamps that have pockets lined in chevre.
  5. Yes, I have bought several K stamped bags this year directly at H, and the open pockets of all of them have been lined in chevre. I have seen at least one K stamped bag at H that didn't have a chevre lined pocket though.
  6. My K stamped bag which I purchased the day it was delivered in March does not have the Chevre pocket lining (just the unfinished suede).
  7. My K stamp birkin pocket is lined with chevre too. It was a SO from Jan 07 and it was deliverd June 07.
  8. My k chevre de coromandel HAC (purchased march at h) is not different-same as the older bags.
  9. I have a 30 I purchased last month, K stamp, and it is lined in Chevre.
  10. The suede lining apart - but what on Earth is happening with quality control at Hermes? Has it ceased to exist?
  11. my k stamped bag purchased past week still has the old inside liningno chevre.
    mine is a 40 cm etoupe birkin..

  12. Hello, what do you mean??
  13. This:
    (the stitching being the worst aspect for me):tdown::tdown::tdown:

    stitching 1.jpg

    handles 1.jpg