Are the handles of the quilted and patchwork stam the same?

  1. Are they both the same length or is one shorter than the other?

    With the patchwork stam I am able to wear the leather straps over my shoulder, but the lock diggs into my armpits....

    Is it the same with the quilted one? Thanks

    Also, when looking at celeb pics, how come nobody hardly wears the chain around their shoulder as a strap instead of the short leather straps? It's more comfortable with the chain I think.... Is this for aesthetic reasons, because the purse looks better with the chain hanging down?
  2. I have the quilted stam and it does the same to me too. Mine is a S/S 06 but I've seen some others with the F/W 05 and they are able to wear it over the shoulder after the leather breaks in.

    I tried putting the chain over my shoulder and it hurts. The bag is too heavy to do that I think. And I do think it looks prettier with the chain hanging.
  3. I think both styles have the same length in handles. My quilted stam digs into my armpit as well. I think it's a fashion statement to let the chain hang while you're wearing it, but I've seen other girls wear theirs with the chain and it looks really good too.
  4. I feel better now knowing that you girls are not able to wear your Stam on the shoulder by the handles... I saw a picture of Paris Hilton doing it and I thought I was not able to do the same because my arms were too big...