Are the handbags in Century 21 authentic?

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  1. The other day I went to the Century 21 in Brooklyn and I saw a whole bunch of Cole Haan bags on sale for 1/2 off. Some of the bags that they have I've seen the styles before from Cole Haan's website and when I checked the interior of the bags they look authentic. However I did find one handbag where the Cole Haan tag on the exterior was stitched on upside down. Does that count for irregularity?
  2. I don't have experience w/ Century 21, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't sell fakes. Unless someone bought the bag, and returned a fake. =)
  3. thats what I was thinking too. but all the bags that are over $70 have to be inspected by a manager before it could be returned. I guess it can happen if the manager is careless.
  4. Yeah Century 21 dosent sell fakes. They get discontinued items as well as items that are wither damaged or defective. You could maybe even get a further discount if you bring it to their attention (the item where the label is stitched upside down).
  5. It is kind of like a big TJ Maxx/ Marshalls/ Filene's Basment. They get old styles, or irregular items.
  6. They are real.
  7. just be careful. although the styles they purchase are authentic, dishonest people can buy the real thing, return a fake, and the customer service people arent knowledgeable enough on the brands to know the difference. so in the end, yes u can get a fake, and if u do a search, you'll find others that have complained of this happening to them too.
  8. They are real, just older styles.