Are the guccis with the large monogram "GG's" real?

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  1. Hi, I saw this bag and was wondering if gucci makes a monogram bag with larger "G's?"

    what is the large "GG" mongram called? and what is this bag called, it has a shiny "silky" looking fabric.
    many thanks
  2. I don't get what you mean, it looks the same to me. :confused1: The 'shiny silky' material effect is probably caused by flash.
  3. hi, if you're asking if they're authentic, then they are because I saw them at gucci outlets once. It's not their original canvas, but it's more like a nylon type I would say (?). I could be wrong :s
  4. ya definitely real.
  5. My friend bought a bag just like this at the Secaucus Outlet. I did notice that the GG's were bigger than the Fabric GGs.