Are the Gucci princetowns seasonal?

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  1. Hi there!

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the silver glitter princetowns were a seasonal piece. I'm getting married later next year and thought at some point they'd be fun to have! I'm just not sure if I could wait to purchase or if I need to grab them now! I don't think they will but... would they end up at the outlet? HELP!
  2. They'll be there 'till they either sell out or if they don't sell at all will go to the outlets

    A couple of times stocks of certain shoes have been replenished but these tend to be the (unsurprisingly enough) classic colours.

    Therefore although it's not labelled seasonal to reflect AM's philosophy, variations act like seasonals. If you want a specific variation buy now and keep locked away, take a gamble or think about something else nearer the time.

  3. Thank you!
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