Are the Fuchsia Paillete too much??

  1. Hi !

    I´m not really sure if the fuchsia pailetes are too much and looks "cheap". What do you really think about that color mixed with the outstanding pailetes ??

    I love it on pictures. But I only see that CLs on 2-3 ladys in this forum.

    So let me know if you would wear this CL style !!


  2. Personally I woudn't because I am closer to 40 than to 30 and my style is more classic/elegant with an edge. I couldn't pull them off but it totally depends on your style I know a few girls that could pull them off wonderfully and look fresh and funky now on others they would look cheap it's really a matter of personal style.
  3. hey catcat,

    I saw your pictures ... think my style is like yours. It is very classy. Thats the reason why I´m not sure. The color is perfekt and would be a nice match with black or white... but I´m not sure with the pailletes ??!!! That could be too much.
    Love your new snake CL´s !!! :smile: PERFECT !!!!

    Thanks for your feedback..
  4. I don't think they are too much but it would of course depend on what you wear with them. Very pretty IMO.
  5. I know I couldn't pull those off, plus I don't have much places I could wear them to.
  6. I bought today the Lady gres in black. totally differnt style ;)))

    I thought I will wear the fuchsia style with jeans or with a black (very simple) dress. But now... with the lady gres... I thinks thats fine....

    Thanks !!!!
  7. Since you were hesitant, you made the right decision by not getting them. The fuchsia pailete is a stunning shoe and would look fantastic with the right outfits, but don't buy a CL that is so expensive when you have reservations.

    Excellent choice with the Lady Gres. It is a such classicly sexy look, and you will get a lot of wear out of it. I just bought it myself and I LOVE it!!! It is so comfortable and it makes your foot look great. Here are a couple of my pics....

    Post pics when you get it!!! Congrats.:woohoo:
    IMG_2342.JPG IMG_2346.JPG
  8. Hi Lynn,

    it looks perfect on you!!! Loooooove it !!! I love this style and the black color. Looks sexy and classic !!!! The lady gres in black is my second one. I bought months bevor the same one in green. Love the color also...

    So enjoy your new CL !!! Hope we will have no pain after a whole day wearing the lady gres ;)

    I will show fotos as soon as I can :smile:
  9. Bambi, great choice. The Lady Gres is such a great shoe. If you still want a fuchia later to elevate jeans or go with a great simple lbd, there are other styles out there such as the glitter NP that you may want to look at.
  10. @ronsdiva,

    yes... love the lady gres... and I would die for the fuchsia lady gres. But I´m from munich/germany. I never saw this color here. If you have any idea how I can order this color ... let me know :smile: This style in fuchsia sounds like a dream :smile:
  11. I actually really like the fuchsia pailetes. the design & color is very young and fun to me.
  12. Sorry don't know where you can order them but just saw that your from Munich. I love this city and have some great friends living there.
  13. Good choice with the lady gres!