are the fold-over legacy stripe wristlets at the outlet?

  1. i think i might want one if they are. if they are at the outlets, how much are they going for? i was thinking of getting one before, but never did.

    any pics or reviews of the wristlet would also be greatly appreciated. :graucho:
  2. I don't have any pics but I did see about a dozen or so on the rack at our Coach outlet.
  3. Yeah...where is your Coach Outlet? I would like to add one to my growing collection;)
  4. I have the fold over wristlet. See my collection or let me know and I'll take a separate photo.
  5. nice collection graberg.

    does your fold-over have a pink stripe? it's gorgeous, but i want one with a pink stripe (what can i say, pink fiend;)).
  6. I don't recall offhand but will look tonight when I get home.
  7. thanks a bunch graberg.

    oh and tejasmama do you remember the price for the fold-overs at the outlet? any other legacy stripe items?
  8. Hi glitter8188,

    I picked up one today and they were about $88. They had about 4 left, but sometimes they save more stock for the weekend when the store is just mobbed.

    I'll try to post pics sometime this weekend. Never done it before, but I'll try to figure it out.

    It really is handy; I love that it has two zip pockets plus the large internal pocket. I can hide my lipgloss and gum from my little daughter who is always pilfering through my bag!
  9. Betty Boop,

    The closest outlet to us in San Marcos, Texas. It is really huge. We also have one in Round Rock, but it is far more limited and doesn't carry signature. This one is one of the largest Coach outlets from what I'm told.

    I mean, they get busloads of people traveling from all over the state to get here. Lots of good finds if you dig.

    Maybe you can call them at see if they can reserve one and ship it to you?
  10. I LOVE mine! Haven't seen any Legacy at all at Freeport outlet yet! I wouldn't mind picking up another one for when this one gets old!:yes:
  11. any pics of one with a pink stripe? i had trouble finding one with that color when i tried to get the plain legacy stripe wristlet, so i wanna see if it even makes a difference.

    thanks all
  12. Here's mine. The pink isn't that prominent because of the placement of the zippers but it's still there.



  13. wow! that's some wristlet. thanks for posting pics. i LOVE it.
  14. ^^Mine looks almost identical to that!^^

    I'm not sure if pink is prominent on any of these!
  15. finzup was saying that these went to the outlets because most of them were defective and eventually the material was separating from the frame, anyone else remember her talking about this?