Are the Fendi scarves authentic on

  1. I ordered some Fendi scarves from there and *gasp* are only $12.99 each, on sale!
    Is that too good to be true? They're made in Japan........someone enlighten me!!
  2. is a big company and should only sell authentic items. Let us know how the scarves turn out when you receive them!!!
  3. I already got them. They're ok, I guess. Some of the letters are a little off, and that's why I'm wondering. I will take pictures later on. and made in Japan??!
  4. they are authenic. I have been buying Fendi scarves/bandanas for some time. I just happen to pop on the Overstock last night and bought 3 more scarves because they were sold out for some time and just re-stocked. They are an awesome deal and make great gifts...also they come with serial numbers on the tag attached to the scarf.
  5. What about the ones on Does anyone know the authenticity of those?
  6. OK, bumping this up....

    Sorry, I know that i read that bags are not to be relied on as authentic, but is there any possibility that scarves are authentic? Have my eye on a scarf for $19.99 that I'd like to buy, but only if it is real. Help, please?
  7. Wow, I would also like to know. What prices! Are they authentic?
  8. is notorious for selling fakes. For future reference, authenticity questions should be posted in the Authenticate this Fendi thread.
  9. I can't speak for their scarves, but I did buy a Fendi Spy on Overstock that turned out to be fake. Luckily I got all my money back.
  10. WOW!
    Thats an amazing price!
    I wish i lived in America!
    The Fendi stuff over here costs a fortune! And all i can find is Spy Bags in Selfridges! I would LOVE a scarf!