Are the expensive hair irons/blow dryers really THAT much better?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm pretty lucky that I have fairly straight hair, but I do occassionally straighten it anyway. I just have a $20 Conair straightener I bought at Walgreens, which works just fine for me. My $10 hair dryer works fine for me, too (although it is a little annoying to use since it takes about 20 minutes to dry my hair).

    In college, all my sorority sisters had $200, $300 hair irons and blow dryers... are these really that much better? And are they really worth the cost?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. Haha...well it probably depends on the person. I'm sure you've seen the threads on the 'AMAZING GHD IRON'...but I'm in your boat. I do need to dry my hair and use an iron on some parts of it to get it to look decent but I have cheaper ones and another one my cosmetologist friend got me from the supply store for cheap.

    Honestly I think it depends on your hair. If the reasonably priced stuff makes your hair fab, then who cares about the $200 stuff? If taking 20 mins to dry your hair is really annoying to you then you might want to find another brand - I have a drugstore brand and it takes me under 15 minutes to do a blowout with a round brush and my hair in sections. So I think it is all about you. Some people may need the GHD iron but really, it would be a waste for me so I'm not even going to bother.
  3. I just posted this in another thread, but I swear by my SuperSolano hair dryer. Usually all the hair salons have them. Mine was at least $!00 when I bought it, but I've had it for at least 8 years and it shows no signs of slowing down. So although the initial price was high, the longevity of the product is worth it to me.
  4. i think it really depends on your hair. i have very straight shiny hair to begin with, and i never blow dry but i decided to get myself a straightener awhile back just to make waves with and to make it even straighter, so i bought a few from the drugstore as well as 2 very expensive ones to compare. they pretty much all work the same on me, and my hair looks the same regardless.
  5. Yes, check out the GHD thread(s)...worth every penny of the $250 I plunked down on it. We wear our hair every day, you know! But, it does depend on your hair type. The GHD is great b/c if you already have beautiful, straight hair you can use it to make curls and waves! Or, straighten if you have curly hair.
  6. i have 'problem hair' (meaning, it wants to do things that are counter to the ideas that i have for it), so something like the GHD is essential for me - i have curly hair, and i want it to be straight. every day. i've had straighteners that have cost everything from $15 to $250, and lo and behold, the $250 is the only one that stands a chance against my hair. however, i have nothing but nice things to say about my $30 hair dryer (except that it crapped out on me today and i had to buy another one). to me, it's the iron that makes the difference.

    if all you're trying to do is dry your straight hair or smooth out a wave here and there, a GHD or a T3 dryer probably isn't worth it. I do a complete transformation on my hair every other day, so it's worth it for me.
  7. it depends, i straighten my hair almost everyday so i use a more expensive flat iron and a heat serum so my hair doesnt get damaged as much...

    as for a hair dryer, a more expensive one just shortens your drying time

    i think youre very lucky, i really love straight hair but my hair is just so curly :s

    if i were in your position, id stick to the conair since you only use it once in a while
  8. I notice a huge difference in the time I save when I use my $250 straightener vs. the Andis one my stylist friend swore by. The $20 Andis is a great cheap option for people that don't mind investing time to do their hair- the result is the same, but it takes about twice as long as Tourmaline one I have.
  9. i'm a firm believer of the expensive salon straighteners. my paul brown has been god sent and does WONDERS! i'm asian, and although most asians typically have long sleek hair, mine curls - and not in the good way. its not nice enough to be curly, it just has some odd waves. i've tried the drug store straighteners and i have to say they do nothing compared to my salon one.
    my roomate who has the aforementioned asian hair does not really require a straightener because her hair is so straight and sleek, yet she got a drug store one and found it to be useless and continuously borrowed mine until she got her own chi!

    i have noticed that the salon ones heat up instantaneously, and since they can go to such a high temperature a few swipes when you are in a rush will already do wonders. i've also had mine for two years and it has shown absolutely NO signs of slowing down (and i bang it around, throw it everywhere - you name it)
  10. Hair iron= worth it

    Hair dryer= not worth it
  11. I have 0 need for a hair iron (straight hair)

    But I agree with a previous poster regarding the Supersalano professional salon hairdryer. It's the one I use & my hairdresser uses & recommended to me. Since I value my time as do most ppl & it's limited this hairdryer is FAST & POWERFUL. Takes 1/2 to 1/3 the time to dry my hair as my previous one, seriously. To me personally SO worth it. It was around $80 - a hairdresser friend picked it up for me.
  12. I think both the hair irons and blow dryers are worth it. I have the GHD iron, which is a miracle worker! And then I have a CHI blow dryer, which I love. I really noticed the blow dryer cut down on my drying time, so for me it's worth it.
  13. Yes, expensive straighteners are worth the money. I had a cheap drug store straightener for years and then I got a CHI. It is so much faster and it doesn't fry my hair. A beauty school student/friend offered to buy me a straightener with her discount. I told her I wanted a CHI. She tried to get me to buy Hot Tools, because it was less money and "just as good". I said no, CHI only. I hadn't seen her in a few years and just ran into her last week. She asked if I still had my CHI. She said they are worth the money. I guess she learned!
  14. My sister swears by her expensive hair dryer.... I don't know what she bought but it is supposed to have a ironizer or something. Her hair is very damaged from over coloring it and she is trying to let it grow out long. I really don't see a difference in her hair since she has her new dryer. I think it just has a higher wattage and she can dry her hair faster.

    I just bought the conair Infinity hair designer at the drugstore for $49.00. It is like a brush/comb dryer. It dries wet of damp hair and straightens it too. It has a Ion ourput that is supposed to smooth your hair and makes your hair shiny.
    I bought it for my daughter who will be 9-she hates me to blow dry her hair and it did take about 29 minutes to dry her hair. I used this new one and I think it took me 10 minutes on damp hair-below her shoulders. It made her hair very straight with no static of flyaway. She loved it and now wants to wear her hair down and I could never get her to do that. I think it is a good appliance for the price.
    Now from what I have heard from the forum here it seems the expensive hair straightners like the CHI are worth the money.

    Oh-I was on and they had the CHI straightners on sale for 40-50% off.
  15. I think it depends on the hair. If your hair is already straight and does not have problems like Amanda said, then I don't think you need to invest in expensive irons/hair dryers. And plus, you said it yourself that you're already satisfied with yours, so I see no need.