Are the edges of this CHANEL SCARF supposed to be rolled?


Sep 12, 2020
I have a vintage logo Chanel scarf and I was wondering if someone out there could answer a few questions:

1. Is this called a “scarf” or “stole“ or something else? It measures about 16” widex 58” long (it is difficult to measure because it doesn’t lay flat)

2. What material is this? I want to call it chiffon because it is somewhat shear. It feels like it is silk but it isn’t smooth like the classic 90cm square scarves I have.

3. Should the edges of the scarf look like this on this style? Or were they once hand rolled and then pressed out? If so, how would I get them back to being rolled? I am assuming this didn’t have the hand rolled edges but I have never seen one like this before.

4. I am told that this was from the early 2000s. There are no tags on it, but I do have another one that is Black and Tan with same exact design. Does anyone know the year or have you seen this anywhere?

thank you! 9195C3F1-112F-4E3C-B75B-959F4A0CBB2C.jpeg E2AB55BE-24B0-4E17-8920-C8CEB81F0AAF.jpeg 8EA8F928-5FEF-4259-BB85-EF795D816F09.jpeg A9315B3C-F2FB-46D1-AB6D-BCB2CEDE5B5C.jpeg CB9FB007-3A57-4BD8-AB2A-35ABDDA00C49.jpeg 7C2B2937-26A9-463C-99A0-1B6517299549.jpeg