Are the Dior Glossy sunglasses still available?

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  1. I tried looking for them on several websites and I can't find them anywhere. If they are listed, they're shown as unavailable. I only looked on brand name sites; Neimans, Saks, etc. Since they only sell authentic (I'm not sure about those smaller sites). If they're not available online, can still I find them in a boutique somewhere? Or have they stopped selling them? I would like them in either brown or black.
    Any help will be appreciated!! :smile:
  2. Thanks for the find, but I'm looking for the large ones... like these
    I didn't know there was a smaller size. I love the regular sized ones, but I think I would look better in the large ones.
  3. Your after the oversized glossy's, other than eBay I haven't seen them :nuts:
  4. i love the color of this glossy, i found this in another forum... are they considered to be the brown glossy with the [brown vlt grade]? i just want to make sure before i buy them. TIA :flowers:
  5. oops here's the pic
  6. I have never seen that shade before..I love them!! Hope you find them.
  7. Hi there

    I am here in Australia and tried tracking down a pair new from sunglass stores and optometrists - they are no longer available for sale in Australia and the Dior suppliers are not bringing them in anymore - which would make me assume they aren't being produced anymore.

    I would highly recommend getting them off ebay US site. There are plenty of them listed - and at less than what had been the normal retail price.

    Go with a reputable seller and you shouldn't have a problem. I have gotten both a large size glossy and the aviadiors - in excellent second hand condition for around $50 a piece and the aviadiors (also discontinued) new for $100.

    Good luck!
  8. i work at solstice part time and we still carry the Glossy's. and there are plenty of stores in your area
  9. i know this is an old thread, but i saw some dior glossy glasses in tyson's corner (northern va) about a week ago!! :yes:
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I did a search. I just ordered the glossy 2's (oversized glossy's) from a high end sunglass store in Jersey because they were SO only (and my SIL works there, so I got a little family discount :graucho:). But to those looking, I stopped by Dior and saw that they do carry them, in stock, for $270.00. I got the gray ones - they should be to me some time this week! :yahoo:

  11. We definitely still carry these in store.
  12. we?:graucho: