Are the delightful and neverfull GMS too similar?

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I just bought a lovely Delightful GM and I LLLLLOOOVVVVEEEE it!! SOOOO much! I also have two neverfulls, both GM, one mono one damier ebene and I love them too, but do I need two? Now that I have the Delightful GM, do I need the Neverfull GM in mono too? Are they way too similar? I find the delightful way more comfy to wear.. What are your opinions? thanks!
  2. nope, i have a delightful and a neverfull i love my neverfull as a tote, and my delightful for when i'm going for that relaxed hobo look
    i think they're two seperate looks honestly
  3. I agree. I, too, have a NF GM and a Delightful GM and I use them both for entirely different purposes.
  4. Like they said before one's a Tote and one's a hobo.
    The delightful is really starting to grow on me I'm just waiting for them to release it in Damier :sad:
  5. ooh I would love it ebene!
  6. I don't think they are similar. I think the Artsy and Delightful are similar. So similar that if I wouldn't have gotten the Artsy I would've gotten the delightful !
    I would keep them all!
  7. i only have the nf in gm and mm. i've tried on the delightful gm...and they are 2 totally different bags.

    keep them all :biggrin:
  8. I have a delightful and a NF. Both bags seem to carry the same amount of stuff. I normally use the delightful more than the NF. Personally wouldn't buy both in the same pattern.

  9. I have both as well. Totally agree:smile:
  10. no not at all. the neverfull is more like a tote to me. the delightful is more of a purse. I have them both in mm and theyre around the same size. i love both of them equally!
  11. I only have Delightful, but I think the two bags are quite different. Delightful is a typical hobo, and NF is a typical tote. Whether you need two NFs really depends on how much you love them and how often you use them :smile:
  12. I used to own 2 neverfulls , the delightful is more comfortable to me .
  13. The Delightful is way more stylish and comfy to me than the NF. I only use my NF for traveling now.