Are the decolletes comfy?

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  1. Hello wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm wondering if the decolletes are comfy?! Would you be comfortable standing for a couple of hours?

    Hopefully I'll be able to fit foot petals in, but I'm thinking about wearing them as a work shoe and since I don't own any CL's yet, I'm just wondering! Also they're patent if that influences the comfort!

  2. ^^ i'm gonna say that out of the few pairs i have, they are definitely the most uncomfortable. but people say they are infamous for needing at least 2-3 break in times...
  3. Opinion seems to be divided on this issue :shrugs: Some people just can't get along with them because of the narrow cut and almond toe, some find them very comfortable (I'm one of them :tup:) However caterpillar is right - they do need a good 2-3 wears to be properly broken in.
  4. I wore mine for the first time a few nights ago and I was in so much pain. But I'm not giving up yet. I will revisit this thread once I've worn them a few more times and let you know then. ;)
  5. I think they're fine comfort-wise (I did have trouble the first time I wore mine, but think that that was due more to my sprained ankle than the shoes), but I can't imagine I'd like them much if I had to stand around in them for hours on end.
  6. I have worn mine many times already and I have to say, they are comfy!!! the first time i had them on, they were a bit tight in the toe box but i used the "sock trick" and after that, walking in them was a breeze. I do find them more comfy than declics.
  7. I love decolletes! I never had any problems at all with their comfort level. I think I have the perfect shaped foot for decolletes.
  8. Got a pair on now, running around the office...very comfy.
  9. I bought them for my sister for Christmas and she's worn them several times already. She said the first wear hurt, but they are her most comfortable heels ever since.:nuts: She thinks she should have bought a half size smaller now that she's broken them in, but I think thats why they are so comfy.
  10. ITA. I love my decos ... I have a pair on right now. I think it really depends on whether you have the right size, and also how wide your foot & toes are.
  11. I will let you know after I do the "Sock Trick"
  12. i love mine, but i think i also have "decollete feet"

    you'd have to try a pair on to see... i for one cannot do pigalles, some people here love them...
  13. I have the sequin decollete pair and I don't find them comfy at all. It might be due to the fact that they are slightly big and I have to put in cushion insoles. Oh well...I still want a patent leather pair anyway. Who needs comfort when you have these shoes on?
  14. ^ If they fit correctly, they ARE comfy!!!! Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise!
  15. I fall in the camp that I love how they look, but they are hard to break in. I would never wear them when I have to do alot of standing. I would have to wear my bruges, vp's/np's or declics for that, but I have a foot with no arch. You just have to try them on and see who they fit on your foot.