Are the C's always lined up the same on a bag?

  1. I don't know much about telling an authentic Coach bag when the C's are all straight... and I know there can be good copies out there.

    Is each bag cut exactly the same way? (Like an LV bag would have every single style of a particular bag exactly the same -- LV's are always on the same place.) I'm looking for a little pouch and the number is 6044 and there are many variations of the cut on the C's of all the ones I'm looking at. :shrugs: Ones from reputable sellers vary! They can't all be fakes...

    Does anybody know on this? Am I making sense?
  2. demi pouch.jpg
  3. i've seen variations. albeit, slight ones.

    but if it's a reputable seller, i wouldn't worry. :yes:
  4. Thanks! I will post a couple to be authenticated...

    I have narrowed this down to FOUR variations on this bag. I am only looking at the part where the zipper is for lining things up and there are four different ones. I am looking at auctions from sellers with a good history and good feedback on eBay although not all of them are repeat Coach sellers...

    I would just be surprised if this little bag was faked... it's just a little pouch! :p But I guess anything can be counterfeited...

    Thanks again!
  5. heck, fake keyfobs are rampant on eBay. don't ever assume something small won't be faked!
  6. ^^Yup! Amazing... I even thought "well, keyfobs are faked so why not this?"

    I posted a few in the authenticate thread - thanks again!
  7. I got a fake demi from eBay a few years ago. I knew right away, the zipper was junk and the lining was wrong but on the outside it looked fine. I did get my money back but the seller insisted that it was real. Not.
  8. Yea both keyfobs AND wristlets are faked. I didn't think there could possibly be any profit to make them. Guess I was wrong.
  9. No, the C's are not always in exactly the same position on every bag or accessory with the same style number.

    Patches on patchwork bags are though.

  10. thnaks for the info :smile: