are the coeurs LE?

  1. my sa said that they won't receive them ever again, so if I want one I have to hurry up and get the last one available, the multi. Is she right? I 'd rather have the pomme... Thanks!
  2. She is right and GET IT GET IT GET IT! If you don't want it send it to me! :yahoo:
  3. What are the coeurs?? :smile:
  4. ^^
    The heart coin purses....they are indeed limited:yes:
  5. oh my, bye girls, I'm rushing off to the store.... :angel:
  6. Good luck ! :graucho:
  7. Ohh thanks! ..It's VERY cute!! :love: I saw it when I bought my pastille key ring ....
  8. oh yes!
  9. Very LE!
  10. oooooh! yay!