Are the Coco Cabas and Baby Cabas disc?

  1. My SA said they both are discontinued, but I thought I read that some are out there?
  2. It varies from source to source. I've heard they're re-releasing the original cabas (with the larged stitched CC's) this fall. Try calling the 1-800# or maybe even another Chanel boutique nearby.
  3. She said the lookbook (whatever their book is called) shows its disc for 2007, but then how are people getting on waitlists!
  4. Saks is getting the large baby cabas soon. Call!
  5. What i'v heard here in Europe (Both France and Belgium) is that there will be no Cabas untill next spring. They will be released in December, and it's a totally new Cabas. So no Original Cabas and no Baby Cabas, but something else. I for one, can't imagine something better than the orignal one, but we'll just have to wait and see. And save some money until then ;)
  6. More info.. talked to two different Paris boutique and they said the following.

    They werent sure but thet may come in as soon as September, and it will be a new Cabas in either black or green and in a new material as well. Didnt quite get what she said, because i must have heard her wrong, but i sounded like she said lizard !?

    Anyway .. my hopes are for September then :tup:
  7. I have reserved a black baby cabas from Nordstrom and a large coco cabas from Saks. Both bags have not arrived the stores yet, but i have pre-ordered already.
  8. From what I was told, the new cabas is the Brooklyn Bag. But who knows. I think you just have to keep at it and keep looking!