Are the Chloe Paddingtons on sale anywhere?

  1. Hi,
    I know that some styles have gone on sale but have the paddingtons? I just checked Bloomindales in MA and the edith and gladys were on sale but not the paddingtons. Please let me know if you know where I might find one in one of the classic colors (not the metallics). Thanks!;)
  2. I've seen them at Berdgdorf Goodman (not on Sale) Lots of Betty's on sale
  3. Did you really see the Edith on sale? I haven't seen this on sale anywere because it is so hard to find.
  4. The only ones I saw on sale anywhere were the metallics.
    I imagine when the new colors hit the stores, the current season classic colors will go on sale?
  5. Intermix in NY has them 40 percent off (try the Madison Avenue store). So does Joan Jepp in Philadelphia.
  6. Yes, I called Bloomies in MA and they said they had Edith's on sale. Not sure what colors....
  7. Maxx--Thanks for the tip. I will call them today!
  8. ^^ Joan Shepp also has a Mousse Paddy satchel for $925 as of this afternoon before closing!
  9. Theres no way that edith will be on sale......:sad:
  10. Yes, I was told by my SA that as long as Ediths are "limited" (she already has the few they are getting on reserve) Ediths will not go on sale. I think it will be at least 2 seasons before they go on sale.

    I think the reason the paddingtons went on sale is because it was offered in so many colors. When you give people a lot of options (with some of those options being funky colors) the unpopular colors go on sale. That is why you hardly see whiskey, chocolate, ivory/blanc paddingtons on sale but you see a lot of metallics on sale. IMO, I think if Ediths ever go on sale it will be the on new designs (mudiths, shopper, etc) and not the classic first edition Edith designs.
  11. saw some large Betty's on sale at Century 21... my friend said she saw a Paddington there, but by the time I got there, it was only the Bettys
  12. oh my I want to move to NY...!!! Betty on sale....They aren't even selling Bettys here yet. Although Stockholm is closer to Paris, when it comes Chloe-wise, we're always one season behind! *soooob*
  13. I grabbed it first thing this morning!!!

    I am a bit nervous about it after the Bluefly-fake-fiasco (still need my money back!)
    but cautiously optimistic :girlsigh:

    Thanks so much for the tip Edna!!

  14. Hmwe - That is a really nice color. Congrats!