Are the Chanel SAs messing with me?

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  1. For the past year, whenever I go into a Chanel boutique (either standing alone or in a department store like NM) where I live (Chicago) and ask about the quantity of a certain bag (could be seasonal or a basic black classic flap), I always get from the SA on duty, "We only have one more in the back. That's it. And we're not likely to get anymore." The first time, it made me whip out my cc super fast! :smile: But, I've been getting the line so many times now, for so many different bags, and with multiple SAs, that I'm starting to wonder if they all are trained to say the same thing in order to make the sale. Anyone with similar experiences? :wondering:
  2. I got similar, but my experience is whenever I asked on a particular style of Chanel bags, the SAs will only answer we didn't even get that style came in the store, and when I ask will that style be coming in, they will say 'NO'. But after maybe for a week or so, I will see the style I was wanting is in the store for sale. This makes me feel the SA wasn't well trained about the collections.
  3. If an SA says that, they usually can show you their "Look Book" to show the quantity that is available for their company and how many are left on their computer with locations. Most of the finer department stores carry less of the styles to keep product moving but in the end, Chanel decides how many of each style will be distributed per company. It is more likely true than false, next time ask where other bags are available for transfer. That will definitely put the SA on the spot!!! ;)
  4. this starts to sound something like what SAs say at Hermes :thinking:
  5. you got me thinking..... I wonder how many bags they make per year lol

    if it's a seasonal style or color I wonder how many are ever made???
  6. They love to say "its the last piece" and after buying what they said as the "last piece", you see the same piece on the shelves after a few weeks and they will say "its transfered from another place where they don't sell as fast". I wonder.... does "Chanel doesn't sell as fast". They sell like hotcakes everywhere isn't it?
  7. What kills me is that TWICE now I've asked to see the "only one" the SA has in the back stockroom, and when I find a flaw or don't like it, all of a sudden before I leave, the SA "magically" reappears with another bag and says, "Oh, I forgot about this one" or "Well, I was saving this to send to another client, but if you would rather have it, then I'll just send the client the one that you don't like." Pretty sketchy.
  8. I've experienced the same, I think they just want to make a sale so they try to make you change your mind by saying it's the last one.
  9. I have NEVER bought a bag from Chanel boutique that wasn't the last one in the store lol. I must be really lucky! lol
  10. I had that experience at saks and bloomingdales and these two times bag wasn't anal perfect. Enough for me but.... I have pretty much always had choice at boutique even for tough to find but I guess that's off list. Sometimes bags miraculously appear bc returns or people on list pass... Once at boutique it really was last but got it next time around and soon easily... These days I find bags are easier to come by w high prices no?
  11. I know from working at Saks sometimes with the seasonal collections we only get one or two of the same bag in so sometimes this holds true. However with OOV bags that are standard like black caviar jumbo with SHW....we could have 10 in the back. Sometimes not all the bags come in at once either so while an SA could say "this is the only one we have" it could be at the time and then another one comes in the following week. The key is to get SA's who are willing to show you the look book, tell you how many are coming in and is more concerned with keeping you as a loyal client as opposed to making a sale. Because my thought as an SA is that if you're not happy, I'm not happy and its coming back anyway. Also if you find an SA that you like they are going to (or should) send you info when they get info on upcoming collections so you can get on reserve lists etc for a bag that you might really want. Because take it from me if they are a good SA they will bring every bag out of the back if you ask for it and offer you water at the same time. I think it pays off.
  12. Sounds like it is part of the training of their SA's. Same here in Australia as well...always either the last one they have or they only got allocated 2 in that colour across all of Oz. When it comes to shopping at the stores, I very much prefer SAs from LV. At least they will always offer to look up stocks across all stores in the country and then if not available, they offer to order it in specially for you.
  13. :tup::tup::tup:
  14. like true friends, we're lucky if we have a sincere SA who tells the truth and we can always count on...i had lovely Sabrina at NM, Boca who is no longer at the store ... if she promised me a bag i could count on it being mine even if her NM was getting one piece...i've been told a store didn't have a certain bag in stock only to call back & get a different SA who suddenly found one! sometimes its luck/timing!
  15. ^^ITA. Though I wouldn't put it pass some SAs who are just trying to get the sale; making you think you have to get it and get it NOW. *SIGH* A good SA is one who is patient with you and answers all your questions and concerns w/out making you uncomfortable or rushed. Wish I came across more like that in my area...I know of two is across the country the other is an hour drive away.