Are the Chanel cambons still in stores?

Glamazon Huntress

Bagaholic for life
Jul 6, 2006
Hi everyone,
I've been obsessed with getting the large cambon tote in black with patent Cs but it's taking me a long time to save up for one and I'm worried that they aren't carried anymore. I've noticed that the price has more than doubled for a cambon on ebay; they are selling for even more than what the boutique charges! Example:

Am I too late? Or will I have to resort to paying ridiculous prices on ebay?
BTW- I am in Toronto, Canada

Thanks everyone!:smile:
Not sure about the cost, but why don't you just call them?

I don't know about NM, but the boutiques do ship internationally so I don't know why that wouldn't include Canada. I believe it's been said that shipping outside of the US is around $40.
Hello there!! I actually just got one today and it's available at the Neiman Marcus in Tysons Galleria Mall in Vienna, VA. I know they have at least one left and the retail price is $1695. Good luck!!
Sounds like there was a price increase? In Canada last summer the large tote was $1700 plus tax. So I guess ebay and the boutique have it for about the same price...
magendie- Congrats on the bag!! Any pics??
the small beige cambon with patent beige cc's is at chanel houston.

i believe it retailed for $1700 or so. my sister has it, and i know for sure hers is the small one. they still have this bag in that size, as well as the regular as of two weeks ago.