Are the Caviar leather flaps seasonal?

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  1. Are the jumbo and medium/large caviar leather classic flaps seasonal? Or will they be around for a while?
  2. They are Timeless CC's so they will always be around.
  3. It depends on color. Black white and beige are always around.
  4. I called Chanel 1 800 today and in my list of questions, I asked about the caviar and is it going to be offered only in black and white but none of the colors we're used to seeing in years past. For fall there is going to be a lot of patent leather over goatskin.
  5. :yes: those flaps are Timeless CLassic which = permanent.
    Only certain colors are seasonal.
    CAlling 1-800-Chanel can only give you info on Chanel boutique orders, nt NM, SAKS, Bloomies, etc. . . .
    Dept stores get different colors than Chanel boutiques/1-800-chanel
  6. I had no idea. You guys are so full of info!