Are the Cambon large tote and the Cotton Club large tote the same size?

  1. I MUST have measurements, lol and I know the size of the Cambon large tote. TIA!
  2. If not, close enough :biggrin:
    at the bottom, my CC tote is about 13" wide and about 6.5 " deep {front to back.}
    It's about 10 inches tall and is about 14.5" wide at the top.
    Handle drop is about 9".
  3. ^^agree with Swanky...looked like exactly the same size to me!
  4. Thanks ladies. I am now on a wait list for the black cotton club tote.
  5. oh LOVE the cotton club tote!
    Can't wait to hear when it arrives :smile:
  6. My NM had one 2 days ago:yes:
  7. Swanky Mama, I have GOT to go shopping with you, lol. One, your NM has everything (mine rarely has anything worth looking at) and second, you have GREAT taste in bags! :yes:
  8. come and play w/meeeeeeeeee!
    Do you want Shannon's #?
  9. Ooo, that would be lovely, thank you!!
  10. here ya go, tell her I said Hi, although she'll already know it was me that sent you! LOL!
    toll free {877}634.6265 ask for Handbgas and then ask for Shannon.
    If you don't get her, here's her VM # {877}634.6265 ask for ext 1301