Are the Cambon ballet flats still available?

  1. These ones to be exact.

    Photo from ldldb

    I saw them back in November at Saks but now I can't find them anywhere and I really want them. Anyone know if they are sold out now or still around?
  2. I got mine from Saks NYC a few months ago. I would try calling them to see. I have seen them in a few different Saks though around the country (Chicago, Troy, Michigan, and Las Vegas to be exact) ldldb has the SKU info in her thread so you can also take that info and have them do Saks locator for you. Hope that helps!
  3. yup definitely...they're available here though in London....if they do international transfer then maybe you could try asking your SA to get them from chanel selfridges London :smile:
  4. try calling bloomies at scp...they still had some when i was there a few weeks ago