Are the bright colors available in Paris? Help, please!

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  1. So while I love Chanel every time I go to a boutique I leave empty handed...:tdown:
    I would LOVE to have a jumbo or a timeless clutch (or both) in a nice color like this season's lovely red, or any other bright and interesting color.
    Trouble is, whenever I ask about it the SAs laugh at me and insist that, for eg, there is no red this season (only the perfo), or that the clutch only comes in black and white...
    I always insist that I have seen pics and that friends of mine have bought other colors (that's you, lovely PFers!) but the SAs insist so much that I can't convince them that I *know* what I'm asking for! :sad:
    I have given them my phone# several times asking to please call me if a red comes in but they never have...
    Also, in 2005, I'd seen some pics of a nice sky blue classic flap in a magazine, tore out the page and gave it to my mother who went to the rue Cambon boutique, showed it to the SAs and they said that this color doesn't exist, and that the classic flap only came in black white and beige that season. So maybe that sky blue was never released in France?

    So... Do any of you have similar experiences?
    Also, does Chanel make different colors in the USA and Paris?
    Did anyone find this season's red in Paris?

    Please help, I am now determined to find a colorful Chanel purse! :heart::smile:
  2. i think the colors depend on the season, summer might have bright colors, i saw a green color chanel classic in singapore around march this year, my hubby bought me a red chanel (not the classic, i don't know the type but it's fishnet style), i'm going to paris this coming sunday, i'll tell you if i find colorful chanels:smile:
  3. Thanks, juicykenzie, have fun shopping!
    Anyone else have an opinion? Please help if you can! Thank you.
  4. I've seen a red caviar timeless clutch at Saks Portland just last weekend. You might want to give it a try, ask for Whitney. She's very helpful.
  5. tha last time i`ve been to the rue cambon store they didn`t have one single reissue at all, only the classic flaps...and they`re sold out in seasonal colors pretty fast, so the red tones might be gone already...

    but still, paris is the cheapest place when it comes to buying chanel and plus, they don`t only have the rue cambon store but huge ones on faubourg st. honoré, avenue montaigne and some smaller ones, so you have a wide selection of boutiques to inquire at!
  6. I don't remember seeing any red bags in the Chanel boutiques when I was there last week (I went to the ones on rue Cambon and rue Royale). The "Lucky Charms" collection seemed to dominate the displays in both stores, and the only non-traditional colored bag I remember seeing was the British flag flap.

    I'm not sure about the colors, but I think the bags do vary by country. When I asked about the black GST with s/h, the SA said they've only had it with g/h in France and the closest match was the navy GST with s/h.

    Good luck with your search and enjoy Paris!
  7. Thanks everyone! I have been to all stores, and the SAs always insist there is no red, that's why I am so baffled. And I have been wanting one ever since I missed out on the 2005 one. A nice bright pink would also be great... If anyone sees a similar color in Paris or anywhere in Europe please let me know about it!!!
    Thanks again! :biggrin: