Are the brass/khaki /Ebony legacy shoulder bag or mandy courier...

  1. available in stores? I see on the website that it's available on-line on 4/1 but I was hoping to see one of those in the stores with my PCE card. If it's not in the store, can I order it using my PCE card? I haven't decided what size to get yet--I don't know if the shoulder bag will be big enough--I still have a diapees/wipees case in my bag now but my son is potty training...and I love big bags....decisions,decisions,decisions...:p


  2. i own 3 mandy's & i love them all!
    if you dont like it you can return it.
  3. Mandy Courier. Because my eye is on it and I definitely chose it over the satchel bag for a very long list of reasons why. :smile:
  4. I got my Mandy at the Outlet!
    I LOVE mine!

    They may be in stores even if they aren't on the website.
    Call to check!
  5. Get the Mandy for sure....they are both gorgeous, but the Mandy seems more comfortable to carry and less hardware. The satchel is beautful in Pond though!
  6. I think you said Shoulder bag or Mandy? I would pick Shoulder bag, not a fan of Mandy. I have the Satchel and LOVE IT
  7. I don't know much about the Mandy, haven't owned one but I have the khaki/ebony shoulder bag (just got it yesterday) and it's lovely! It isn't heavy and holds more than you think it would! Either bag is a great choice though!