Are the BLUSH Stams still available in stores?

  1. I adored the coLor of this bLush stam. I'm just wondering if it still available in stores....???
  2. There was a post recently in the sale thread for a blush baby stam on not sure if it's still there. Otherwise, this color most likely sold out during the last round of sales, but you could try calling the Barney stores to see if any still have them in stock.
  3. I'm talking about the reg bLush stam not the baby stam...
  4. both size stams in blush were on sale at Barney's. That is what I was referring to. I suggested the baby stam as an option.

    Large stam was on sale for approx $650 and the baby stam was on sale for $399.
  5. Oh, i c...
  6. 2 weeks is a long time, but Nordstroms at south coast plaza had it. i had it on hold and decided it was just one purse away from becoming a drag queen. gorgeous, don't get me wrong. but i have enough drag queen purses without really pushing me over the edge. all i'd need is a lucite 8" platform stilettos and peroxide blonde wig.

    anyways, check it out. who knows, it might still be around.
  7. There's a blush baby stam on now, but it's not any great deal--just under $800.
  8. I'm talking about this kind of bLush stam not the metallic bLush one....???

  9. oh, psh, nevermind yo. the stam i saw at nordys was metallic and the tag said blush. meh. good luck finding your bag!