Are the Balenciaga bags made by Lambskin or Goatskin

  1. I know Matelasses are made by goatskin, but how about all the other Balenciaga bags, like city, work, etc. Are those made by lambskin? or goatskin as well? I can tell there are difference between the leather on Matelasse with the city.
  2. City, first, work, and all the other Motorcyle style are Chevre aka goatskin :yes: hence they're too smooshy
  3. The motorcycle bags can be made of;
    * goatskin
    * lambskin (metallic bags)
    * linen with bull leather trim
    * toile
    * canvas
    * rasta colored canvas
    * alligator
  4. I was actually wondering this about my Anthra Work. It is the most amazing a softest leather I have ever felt. It's different to all my other Bbags. I know it says chevre on the style card, but I seriously think it feels more like lamb skin...I guess I'll never know...
  5. Oh, and I just found out on my Matelasse that the front panel, the front tassels and the handles of the Matelasse seem to be made of wild boar ("sus scrof")!
  6. My Whistle is made of lamb. its thick and soft compared to my thinner but smooshy goatskin First. I'm loving both kinds..
  7. Oh yeah...I forgot that it's boar leather (not BULL leather as I typed :p).