Are the any other Tod website that can be trusted?

  1. Looking to purchase a Tod handbag. I know I can trust eLuxury but they don't have the style I want. Is there another website that I can trust to sell the real thing?
  2. I love Tod's but I don't hear a lot of praise for the brand. I wonder if that will change now that Sienna is the face of Tod's.

    Hey, let us know what you end up getting! Post pics!
  3. Does Saks have Tod's? Woodbury Common premium outlet has a great Tod's shop.
  4. An SA at Neiman's told me there is a TOD's in Orange County, but I don't know details.
  5. I have 2 - one I bought at Neimans and the other at eluxury.

    They even have a few on sale now.:yahoo:
  6. Can't you buy online from the Tods site itself if you're in the US? I seem to remember investigating the options on that site for UK based buyers and wishing I was on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!
  7. eluxury sells tods
  8. Bluefly has a lot of beautiful Tod's bag and is a trusted site.