Are the agenda inserts for 2007 sold out?

  1. I know they are not on elux, but I just found an auction for a 2007 small ring agenda insert (calendar, stickers, ruler, notes) on ebay and it says the seller bought them before they sold out. Are the stores sold out? Seems strange...:shrugs:
  2. No, they are not sold out. The 2006 calendars are not even sold out yet.
  3. Thank you. I thought that sounded strange. Do you know if LV makes an August 06 to August 07 calendar insert? I love that kind.
  4. I hope they're not sold out, I just ordered an agenda and will be wanting them. :graucho:
  5. No, they do not make student type planners, only the regular January to December ones.
  6. They had the 2007 small agenda insert at the SF LV last week, but they were sold out of 2006
  7. dont think they are listed on elux yet.
  8. Ya, the 07 refills are not on eLux yet. Stores do have them. Too bad they don't have a student calendar.
  9. Elux usually gets them in stock around end of Sept./ beg. of October. They are only on the site for like a day! Other than that I'm sure you could call the 866 vuitton and get them sent to you.