Are the accessories prices nuts or is it just me....

  1. The accesories seem so expensive...I must be the pooriest person on this site...I want more stuff but, a couple accessories = a handbag now is that just venting over the cost...sorry but, I think it is getting to be too much
  2. I agree with you..they're wayyy too pricey and I'll rather buy a bag. If you cannot afford it now...SAVE SAVE SAVE.
  3. Too pricey but I guess small items need more detail long as i get all the essential I think I am good. I can't afford to collect every colors from every lines..
  4. Prices of LV has been skyrocketing! I usually go for the bags, unless the accessory is super special or cute!
  5. Very Pricey and it really makes my heart stop when I see a $600 wallet on display. That's a speedy for gosh sakes!

    But I love accessories I just love them. Such a nice little touch. So far all I own are accessories and they are a good "fix" if you only have $300 and can't afford to buy a bag. I need to work on bag purchases though...what good are the coveted LV accessories if you don't have a great LV to put them in!?
  6. I agree with bagsnbags - I think it's because they're hand-made, well not exactly hand-made, but individual people are using sewing machines or whatever to make them, and I guess a wallet is more complex than a speedy...but I really wish they were cheaper! its like WHOA
  7. I too agree~ I want an agenda....but will not pay the price. I keep stalking e-bay looking for the right one at the right price:shame:
  8. Agreed. I really like some of the cosmetic pouches and the other small leather goods, but I'm not going to buy one on retail. I'd rather save and spend on like new items off ebay. :supacool:
  9. They are very expensive, but oh so cute! Lately I have been unable to resist, so I carry more in accessories than what my multipli-cite costs! Oh well, gotta stop shopping! Yikes!
  10. I completely agree with you. I am...well, I really don't have the money to be spending on expensive handbags and accessories, but I did save up my money for my first LV bag (a mono speedy 30). I would LOVE to have a nice big collection of LV handbags and accessories but I just can't afford it, but I am saving up again for another bag.

    I do find that the price for the accessories is a bit expensive, especially compared to the handbags.
    My father had gotten me a LV wallet and coin purse which I ended up returning for the Petite Noe. I just felt it was too much for a wallet and coin purse and I preferred that money go towards a handbag. I rather just use a nice wallet from another, cheaper brand (coach or Fossil) and spend that money on another bag instead.
  11. They are very expensive but so flippin' adorable!!!

    Plus, like others have said, wallets DO have a ton of detail!
  12. wanted to ban handbags and buy a couple of accessories and after pricing I was like" holy flippin accessories"...may has well just save for a handbag...200 for a cles is nuts!!!
  13. That's why I at first put my money towards bags. But, eventhough I just got California Closets, I don't want them completely filled with tons of bags. It's just too much for me. So, I like small. Small is good. There's always pochettes and Spring Streets, pochettes are really nice... a good cross between accessories and bags....
  14. I agree that the accessories are expensive. I am sure it is part of LV's marketing strategy. The company knows that most people cannot purchase many expensive bags each year. Therefore, market smaller, less pricey (but still high profit margin) items that most people can afford to buy. This strategy allows many people to purchase LV items AND helps LV maintain a healthy bottom line.
  15. I totally agree with you.. which is why I've mainly invested in bags.. I do have 2 wallets.. however, one was puchased through Ebay, and the other is the Groom Compact Wallet, just because it's my favorite color (blue) and the groom was too cute!!! But I doubt I would buy another accessory.. I want the Groom Cles, but I dunno.. (I have a Panda Cles too..)<~ but that's the keychain.. and it was $150