Are TB Thora and Miller Sandals Comfy?

  1. Hi Everyone! I've been wearing TB for a while but never sandals. I just bought the Miller thongs in my regular size (7.5) which I always am and they are too small - so ordered them in an 8. Also, now I'm considering the Thoras but because I'm usually a 7.5 am going to order an 8 since they are whole sizes only. So here's this big question, does everyone find the Miller and Thora sandals comfy or no? Any comments would be very helpful :smile:
  2. I don't find the Miller sandals comfy. To me, they are like walking barefoot because there's no cushion... so I never wear mine. :sad:
  3. I highly recommend the Thoras. I love my Thoras! They are super comfy. I used to love J.Crew Capri sandals but they were very hard on the bottom and were not comfortable to walk in for extended periods of time. TB Thoras have flexible bottoms and are extremely comfortable - I can wear them all day with no problems. They are the only sandals I wear anymore. While they only come in whole sizes, I am an 8 in Revas and take a 9 in these because I have a fear of my feet looking like they are hanging off of the back. I would definitely go for the 8 in the Thoras if you are a 7.5.
  4. I don't care for either style... I know lots of girls love them, but I haven't had good luck with the fit.
  5. I have the thoras and I love them! I'm usually an 8/8.5 and I got them in a size 8. I would prefer a half size bigger but that's all they had at the time.
  6. I have the miller 2 sandals and once you break them in they are suuper comfortable. It took about 4what or 5poss times wearing them. And i also have the thora flup flops and they are very flat on the foot. I wear them to the pool and to change into after pilates/yoga, so ive never done a ton of walking in them.
  7. I have both and the millers do fit small. I went a half size up. I don't think the millers are as comfy as the thoras. I live in my thoras, I'm trying to decide which color i want for my second pair! I have the patent millers and I don't like that the shoe bed is patent because my foot slips around.
  8. I got my thoras over a year ago, and I can count the amount of times I have worn them. To me, they are so uncomfortable, because of how thin the sole is and the lack of cushion. It just feels like I'm walking barefoot, which is such a shame since they are so cute. :sad: As far as sizing goes, I normally wear a 6.5 and mine are a 7, which fits perfectly.