Are tassels over?

  1. I saw this on the Neiman Marcus website, and find myself strangely attracted to it:


    It's Ferragamo. So, my question is, are tassels (or excessive tassels) over or tacky?
  2. I for one have always loved tassles. It reminds me of my hippie youth.
  3. I think they're on the way out, but maybe that's just positive thinking from me. I just always worry about setting a bag somewhere and getting them dirty.

    On a purely aesthetic side I think they can look really great on a bag, but I see myself in slow motion tripping over a Bbag tassle and showing my panties each time I look at a pic of one.
  4. Am liking that Ferragamo bag...nice!
  5. LOL :lol: ! As someone who can barely walk straight on a good day, maybe I SHOULD stay away from excessive tassels.
  6. I've only really liked tassles on Balenciaga motorcycle bags.
  7. not my thing..I have considered some vintage Chanel bags before but decided against them mainly because of the tassels
  8. I like the overall classic shape of this bag but I just think it's taking the tassels trend too far. Probably a good deal to get on sale.
  9. I think... yes. I'm not so much for the tassels.
  10. I think a couple of tassels are cute but this is a little too much for me (but that's JMO) If you like it, get it!:biggrin:
  11. As long as you like it - you should get it! :lol:
  12. If you like it, get it! I'm not a big tassel person.