Are swingpacks really that useful?

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  1. I keep meaning to get one for just going on vacation or whatever if I'm away for a weekend and I don't want to bring a big purse. I'm sure it'd come in handy going to Niagara falls doing a lot of walking around and having stuff like my camera, id etc on hand. Usually I just bring my wristlet and put things in my jacket pocket.

    I just cannot justify spending the money on a swingpack when I see a cute purse for a little bit more. Am I right?
  2. It comes down to your usability of the item... and what you will find practical. If a swingpack can't hold all you want or would need, AND you'd not like how it hung on you, then I guess you'd have to be looking for something else as an option (perhaps even a non-coach item).
  3. Personally, I don't think so. I think a slim duffle is as small as I could go.
  4. I love my swingpack for all day shopping trips, trips to the zoo or museum. Just useful for when I don't need to carry my life around :biggrin:
  5. I bought one swingpack a few months ago -$42 after all discounts, just to use when I bring my daughter to Six Flags. Comes in handy!
  6. Yes, I find mine very useful! I never wanted one, but found the Bonnie swing pack on clearance and got it. I keep it in the car so if I am out and about and decide to just take my keys, phone, and mini skinny I just throw them in there and go. I like the Bonnie one because it seems to be a bit larger than the others. I have used it on Black Friday, at the park/zoo, and it would be perfect for other small trips like that.
    It is, however, to small to use while on vacation. I carry a larger camera with me and it will barely fit into it.
  7. I had a lot of swingpacks and now I am down to two very loved ones but I still do not use them much.. I I do not use them at all on vacation, reason being to small for items I need to travel with. Exp my Coach eyeglasses which are transition so they are also my Sunnies...

    I perfer the Hippies... Such as the Parker Hippie.. I love this bag, it fits all my items and it is very light weight, it also has the softest leather Coach ever made.

    I use my Swingpacks for afternoons, or night out when I need less things...
  8. I think so. My brother was in town a few months ago and we did some museums and walking around town and I was carrying my Parker Hippie with the crossbody strap. I found it looked just wrong for what we were doing, and it was HEAVY!!!!!!!!!! I also find on days I'm walking around outside a lot, carrying around a Zoe or Hailey can be a bit tedious after a while.

    Having said that, I am not a fan of just a crossbody strap with no shorter strap, that can get annoying for me. I was considering the Peyton textured metallic swingpack cause it's GORGEOUS, but completely impractical; it's way smaller than normal swingpacks and could really only hold cards and a lipstick.

    My DH bought me the Groovy for Valentine's Day and to me that is PERFECT. You can wear it crossbody or shoulder strap, it's large enough to hold a decent amount of stuff, but much smaller than most bags. To me it's the best of all worlds.

    Wristlets have their place as well (concerts, anywhere you don't want to set down your purse), but if you want to be hands free, I don't find they are the perfect option.
  9. I think you are absolutely right. Swingpacks IMO are pretty useless and too expensive. I got tempted to buy a Cambridge one because it was so gorgeous and it was a bit thicker than a typical swingpack, but even at outlet price I left it behind. It's much more practical to buy a Groovy (same price as a swingpack practically), a pocket Hobo, a Hippie, or some other small crossbody that isn't necessarily Coach. I got one from that has tons of pockets and even a pocket for a water bottle. One of the most practical bags I own that is non-Coach and it only cost me $40.
  10. I've been browsing the Bay for one. I suppose I'll just keep looking to see what there is.
  11. i had a swingpack. but returned it. it was so cute- but wouldn't even hold my bare essentials.
    but i have my hailey and it's perfect and not huge. i also have a TON of Rebecca Minkoff MACs.. LOVE them too!
  12. I use mine weekly when I grocery shop...throw in just what I need and wear it crossbody, works great!
  13. I like them because they keep your hands free, you arent holding a bag in your hand :0)
  14. ^^Thats why I love mine too. Hands free, simple.
  15. I love my swingback...

    But I wear it differently...I sling it low on my hip...almost like a modern fanny pack.

    I don't carry much...but it's super easy to use. Fits my slim digital camera, lip balm, slim wallet with cash/ID's/Whatever...