Are swingpacks practical?

Mar 13, 2006
Hi everyone!

I'm not sure if this has been asked already. I tried searching, but couldn't find any threads.

I'm thinking about buying a Coach swingpack, but was wondering if they are practical? How much can I fit into it? What do you use yours for?

I'm thinking of buying a Mia Ocelot one. :biggrin:

Thank you!


Jan 7, 2010
I personally could not survive with a bag that small not that I have twins, but I gave one to my mom a couple years ago and she likes it for traveling. She just carry essentials and it works well.


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Sep 29, 2010
i have one 'no name brand' swingpack and i want to get a coach one.

i am not a big-bag lady, but i do usually need more room in a purse than a swingpack.(for example the mff ashley is the perfect size for me)
however the swingpack style is invaluable for when i go to: the zoo, the fair, shopping...anywhere that i want to be hands-free.

i'm able to stick 2 cell phones,an asthma inhaler for my son,digital camera,money,credit cards,tissues,chapstick,gum...still room for a few other things in there.

i don't need a closet full of them, but one for those trips is all i want, hope that helps!


Apr 19, 2010
It depends on what you are going to use it for. It also depends entirely on how much stuff you need to carry.

I have several swingpacks and I used to like them alot for going to the casino or the farmer's market or a Saturday of shopping. I have sort of phased them out of my life in favor of Haileys because they can be worn crossbody and I can carry more.

The biggest challenge with the swingpack is that it doesn't accommodate a wallet. But you can use a money clip or other solution to that problem. A swingpack will comfortably hold money, a phone, lipstick, id/credit cards. No room for sunglasses, glasses case, camera.

Depends on what you need, really.
Nov 15, 2009
Yes, I find swingpacks very practical for certain events like shopping all day. It keeps your hands free to look at things and it's light to carry only the necessary things. I don't use it for everyday, but I do find it's very helpful for travelling etc.


Swingpacks are meant to be used when you want to carry light. I usually put a Mini Skinny in there, my lip balm, a small camera, keys, and hand cream.

However, I do find that I have to really "dig" through my swingpack to access my items.


Jun 11, 2010
I have an older one I got as a gift and I find it way to small. I use it for quick errands, but don't like digging down in it to get my lipgloss or mini skinny(that is about all you can fit in it). I put my cell and keys in the front pocket and it not easy pulling them in and out. I feel they are a waste of money. I have a penolope hippie crossbody and that works better for me when I'm running errands. It holds more and easier to access my items. They are at the outlet now for just a little more than the swingpacks and I love the pebbled leather.


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Feb 17, 2009
I find them a little small for me as I use a large wallet and it would be too inconvenient to switch over to a smaller wallet just to use the swing pack. However they do come in different sizes and shapes so it all depends.

On the other hand, I have given 3 swing packs as gifts to the younger women in the family and I've noticed that all three are being used. My DIL, who likes smaller bags, uses her's just about every weekend when I see her (not sure about work days though).


Sep 22, 2006
To me, a swingpack is intended to be used when taking the kids to a county fair or when going to a farmer's market or other events where you want your hands free. Otherwise, I find that such a small bag is not flattering to me and it is so slim that it doesn't carry enough to be practical on a day-to-day basis. But my sister carries one regularly, so different things work for different people!


Feb 9, 2006
~New Hampshire~
For me personally, swingpacks are too small for my daily essentials.Having children at different ages with seperate needs.I sometimes carry my 10 yr. old dd's wallet and my 2 smaller children's snacks when we are out.So I use a bigger bag everyday.I do agree that swingpacks are great for the zoo, amusement park's, etc.Just too small for everyday. My new poppy New York wristlet is probably the same length as a swingpack. It holds quite a bit.So if I needed a smaller item for a day trip, my wristlet would be perfect. In the end though, if you don't carry much, then there are some really cute swingpacks out there.Oh and I also have the Poppy Graffitti top handle pouch and believe it or not, she holds alot!I think they are around the same price point so if you need something alittle wider.
May 9, 2010
The swingpack is too thin for me so I bought a Poppy button bag that I wear crossbody. It's very practical and I just used it last week when I went to a Lions football game. Great for field trips with the boys or for going to the zoo. It's not my every day bag but I couldn't live without it!!


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Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
Swingpacks are great if you're running around just doing a few errands. I bring along my wallet, keys and cellphone in them. I can just about stuff my sunglasses in without a case. They're really best for quick trips out.