are swingpacks a hot commodity now?

  1. hey all, ive been seeing around lately that everyone is carrying a swingpack at one time or another, not only in high school/college crowd, but older. what other companies besides coach make them?
  2. I guess its because its summer and theyre convenient for traveling and tourists. Gucci has some nice hip packs! I'm sure there are more, but I cant think of any right now.
  3. LOVE MY SWINGPACK!!!!! it's great for the summers since it's casual lookin' enough for the summer, and really functional too, since 'tis the season we go jollyin'
  4. what is a swingpack?
  5. Check this thread out.
  6. So-are swingpacks accessories for the young? Or, are they for us old ladies too? :biggrin:
  7. ooooh those. thanks :smile:

    Not for me. I see younger girls in them for some reason, that or really sporty girls
  8. ^^^ how odd, i only see them on people over 35 here. i wonder if it's a regional thing or i'm just not paying attention. :smile:
  9. I love my swingpack it's my gambling purse

    ie small enuf to carry jsut what I need to hit the casinos in atlantic city

    but it would also make a great bag for traveling
  10. For some reason they dont strike me as a younger girl accessory (esp. since I thought they were a traveling/touring commodity). Most of the ladies on the board who've gotten one are not 'little girls'.
  11. i see younger girls with the coach, gucci, mainly the black prada nylon ones. i was thinking of getting one, but dont know which to choose from
  12. What is the difference between a swing pack and a messenger bag?
  13. Those swingpacks are cute! But I could never fit a day's worth of my junk into one of those babies.

    Varsha, swingpacks and messenger bags are both worn across the body (usually over one shoulder, diagonally across the body.) But messenger bags are bigger, more substaintial, have utility pockets, and close with a laarge flap over the front. They are similar in many ways though!
  14. Thanks Danielle! I do see a lot of people wearing swingpacks but I've been calling them messenger bags
  15. I just got a swing with my discount. I will use those always travelling, city street fairs, etc. They are great for that - not for an everyday bag though. Too small. However, they are wonderful when you need to be out walking around. I don't think they are for the young only, especially since I'm not.