are suits still required for interviews?

  1. I have a 2nd round interview with an aerospace company on Thursday. I wore a Theory suit to my 1st round interview. However, when they emailed me for my 2nd round, they said I'll be taking tours of labs so for safety purposes, don't wear heels or open-toed shoes. Unfortunately, as an engineer, I only own my one Theory suit that is hemmed for 3" heels.

    Can I just wear a pair of black slacks hemmed for flats and a dress shirt? I can also wear a jacket but it won't completely match (ie black slacks with brown blazer or something). Plus CA weather is in the high 80s already.
  2. Lol for my current job I remember having the second round of in person interviews and having to run out to buy a new suit since I had already worn my only one! I think in your case it sounds like they're not expecting you to be dressed up, and the black slacks, flats and a nice shirt sound appropriate for the situation. Good luck with round two!
  3. Hmmm, that's tough. Deep down I think it would be fine for you to go in black slacks and a dress shirt, but I would always err on the side of formal for a job interview, especially at an aerospace company. Any way you could borrow another suit or buy a matching jacket for your black pants? I would just hate for you to lose the job and then worry about whether it was because of your attire! It's just one of those things I would want off my "worry list."
  4. IMO what you are saying you may wear sounds right on. I would still dress nicely, but keep the heels at home. Black slacks are safe and a dress shirt- then wear a jacket- that does not need to match but compliments the outfit. Just my opinion though!
  5. What Megs said!
  6. i think i'll just go buy a black jacket even if it won't match my black pants exactly.

    i was thinking of going and buying a brand new suit too but express is the only place i know of that sells short pants and they don't make a 00 short (they only have 00 regular and 0 short, bummers). anyone else know of a place where they sell short pants for suits? i don't really have time to tailor...
  7. My mom was in a pinch and needed an outfit for an event that was only a week away, and at Nordstrom they had her pants hemmed and taken in while she waited, so she didn't have to worry about coming back to the store.
  8. I work at an aerospace company, and I can tell you that touring the facilities in a full-fledged suit with heels is a BAD IDEA. Not only will you be walking all over the place in high heels, but it could be a safety hazard! People in this industry may be quick to write you off if they think you put fashion before safety, IMO. I think slacks with a dress shirt and flats is just fine :yes: Good luck on your interview!!! :heart:
  9. I agree with Megs. I hope it is either Boeing or Raytheon, good luck!!

  10. I agree. You don't need to dress up in a suit for the second interview. You will be taking a tour of the facility and what you plan to wear sounds perfect...
  11. I agree with most of the advice given but offer another thought>>>instead of going out to buy a black jacket, why not wear a nice cardigan with the dress shirt and maybe a beautiful scarf as a compliment. Still conservative and professional.
  12. i just called the HR rep and she said just wear business casual. I think I'll just wear black slacks, flats, and a long sleeved dress shirt. it really is very hot here right now, lol.
  13. Calling the HR dept - great idea!! Glad to hear you won't be sweating your tail off. :smile: Good luck on your interview!!
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  15. that is smart of you to call! No wonder you got the interview!
    I agree with everyone else here
    slacks and a dress shirt sounds nice and also I don't think that they are hiring you for your fashion sense but your work abilities so dress sensibly!

    And good luck!