Are studded bags hopelessly passe? (Your opinion on MK Astor II, please)

  1. I have the Michael by Michael Kors Astor II large satchel (large enough to go over the shoulder, carry file folders, etc.). Am trying to decide whether to keep or sell. Are studs completely done, or do you think it's got a few more good years, style-wise? Any other thoughts on it?

    Link to pic (although this is the small handbag version. I have the large satchel version.):
  2. Not at all! I think these studs add just enough detail/interest. Are you thinking of selling it because you think it's on its way out, style-wise, or because you don't like or use it anymore?
  3. I'm thinking of selling it because I haven't used it a lot. So if I keep it around to use at future dates, it's got to hold up style-wise.
  4. Well, if you haven't used it a lot since you got it, will you use it more in the future? If not, I say sell it and get something that you can't live without!
  5. Yeah - it's one of those "I like it, but don't love it" bags.
  6. I don't know about you, but my closet and wallet are both too small for "like but don't love" bags! Go for something you really, really love - just one of those bags is worth 10 "just OK" bags, IMO!!
  7. I couldn't agree more.

    I'd rather have one "WOW" bag that I adore than 10 "so-so".

    Might take you longer to save for the bag of your dreams, but you'll thank yourself in the end.:smile:
  8. ^ITA. You should LOVE your bags, not just "kinda sorta" like your bags. I think that if you ever have to think twice about whether you want to buy or keep a bag, you should probably get rid of it and use that money towards a bag you absolutely can't live without. :yes:
  9. Thanks, guys. This helps.

    The thing is I really liked the bag when I bought it. But then, it just never felt
  10. If you don't like it, by all means sell it. But I think that the MK Astor line has sort of an iconic quality to it. It's very recognizable, and the studs are "organized" for lack of a better term, not all over the place as they are with some other brands where it seems the designer went crazy with a Bedazzler and put studs everywhere...

    Personally, I love studs...I don't see them going out of style.
  11. I'm not thinking studds are passe, but I personall don't like that bag ...
  12. i dont think its going to go out of style, its just a little plain for my taste. its cute but nothing more than that. and at that price, even if it only lasts you one or two seasons, who cares! i say go for it
  13. I own this bag... quite honestly, it's one of the most useful bags I own! There were a lot of girls after this bag last year around this time... I'm fairly certain you should be able to get a good amount of money back for this if you sell one bay
  14. I'm just not a fan of studded bags be it in style or not.
  15. Really, that's not a lot of hardware. I've seen far worse. That bag has lots of life left in it, IMO.