Are straw bags summer-only bags?

  1. have you guys seen this bag? it's GORGEOUS! i've had my eye on it ever since it came out, and just today i picked it up for my miami beach vacation tomorrow :graucho: do you guys love it or what?? :p i really like it because it's casual yet glam at the same time...

    my question is, i LOVE this bag but is it really weird to carry it around right now when it's relatively chilly early spring weather (i'm usually in ny or boston), or is it glam enough for me to pull it off with a spring trench and jeans or something for now? taking it a step further, would it be totally inappropriate to carry in the fall since straw is typically a summery type of material? that may be pushing it a bit :p let me know your thoughts!!!

  2. Yes, that is no doubt a stunning bag. I personally would carry straw in the summer and spring, and that would be about it.
  3. I would say late spring and whole summer you can do. But unfortunately its not an all season bag. Its cute though.
  4. I agree w/ the girls above. It's very cute, but def for warm weather only.
  5. seconded. Maybe it's the southern in me, but I just can't fathom carrying a straw bag when it's fall/winter.
  6. Stunning bag! I love it! If I didn't already have a straw bag that I love, I'd be all over than one! BTW, what bag is it? I can't read the name.

    I personally believe that straw and baskets are appropriate only for warm weather... spring and summer only. Of course, now you will just have to go on more winter vacations to warm places!
  7. late Spring/Summer only particularly because of the white trim...not after Labor Day either.