are straw bags out for this spring?

  1. I have always wanted one of the Gucci bags but am worried if it will appear dated??

    Thanks, T.J.
  2. I don't think straw bags ever get out of style during the spring and summer months, same way that suede never gets out of style in the winter. At least I hope not! Last fall, I bought a clearance Eric Javitts straw bag at Nordies at an incredible low price and it's waiting to be used this summer!
  3. I think straw bags are like everything else we look forward to in the spring, year after year.

    To me they always seem to be in style in the spring and summer.
  4. I think that straw bags will always be perfect for spring and summer! IT adds a nice texture to the bags and your outfits. I have a cute straw Cole Haan clutch that I will definitely still be carrying!