are stores open on New Years day?

  1. Curious is the stores are open near you, I have been in watching football with DH and said the stores were open - but I thought they would be closed - are stores open near you? Hmmm....I might have to run over to Nordstrom Rack if it is please!!!
  2. I just shopped locally and everything was open; GAP, Banana Republic, etc . . .
  3. Big Malls all open. Chain restaurants all open.
  4. My local MJ boutique is closed today. =(
  5. I was shocked to see that Macy's and Nordstrom's were open today. We went to the movies at the mall this afternoon and on the way out of the parking lot I noticed the stores were open. I really thought today was a huge holiday and nothing much would be open.
  6. Our malls were open today, but some of the more urban "lifestyle" center type shopping boutiques and restaurants were closed today..all except for the movie cinema and the Cheesecake Factory! (I had me some lemon raspberry cheesecake..yum!)
  7. Chain stores were open-we went to Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday. My small local stores were closed
  8. my store was open, i worked :sad: its a tesco store (hmm like your target/walmart) and was quite busy actually considering we thought it would be empty!
  9. usually all the malls are oped till 6