Are Stolen Office Supplies Deserved Perks or Pilfering ?

  1. Are stolen office supplies deserved perks or pilfering ?
  2. stealing is strealing IMO.

    BUUUUT, it depends on what it is! If I brought soem bills to work and used a paperclip to take them back home, I wouldn't count that as stealing.
    but if I took a reem of paper and an ink cartidge. . . that'd be stealing!
  3. It totally depends...Pencil or Pen behind the ear and you forgot...perk.
    Backing your minivan up to the office and putting the copy machine in Pilfering!
  4. ^^^ditto... it depends on what it is.
  5. It definitely depends on what the item is!
  6. Stealing is Stealing. If you eat one grape in the produce section at a grocery store you've stolen something. No if ands or buts about it. You can try to justify it by saying it's "just" one grape. But it doesn't change the fact that you've taken something that does not belong to you that you didn't pay for.

    Okay, after saying all that, do I take a pen here and there? LOL Yup. But I also bring my own pens (I like a certain kind so I buy them myself) to use for work. And I use my own electricity and laptop when I work from home.

    And technically I guess I'm stealing company time by posting here from work. :shame: But I figure that I don't take normal breaks so the few minutes I pop on here during the day makes up for that.
  7. Pilfering - you're kicking your own asses by taking supplies, those supplies could eventually have added up to an extra bonus or the such.
  8. IMO it depends what it is....when I worked at a law office I would occasionally come home and find a pen in my purse that I threw in my accident when I was at the courthouse.
    I used to make copies of stuff at work and use the fax machine for local faxes, but they were always OK with that.

    I knew some people who would say they're "borrowing" something and would reimburse the firm, but never did!
  9. I would only take office supplies if I use them for work. I do a lot of work on the weekends and at night at home, so I do bring printer paper home for that reason. (I already "donate" the $70 ink cartridge!) I can honestly explain how each supply is being used for work, so I can easily defend it if ever asked.
  10. What if you work from home? We (hubby and I) do occasionally and Iwe have brought home highlighters and whatnot for work use.

    Also DH has a firm issued Blackberry (much to my chagrin) which he uses almost exclusively, is it stealing if he calls home while on business or calls in to work while on vacation?
  11. nahhh...that's not stealing. Our company expects us to do that kind of thing. They don't try to cut us off from family while traveling. They even pay for long distance calls from hotel rooms. That's just business.

    And working from home is different, IMO. You're using your electricity right? LOL
  12. I've taken pens, printer paper, white out, etc. and nobody cares at all. A pen costs them about 5 cents (they buy in bulk) and a package of computer paper about 75 cents, etc. so nobody sees it as a big deal.

    I would never take anything expensive like ink cartridges or anything.
  13. A paper clip, no. A box of paper clips, yes.

    Pilfering is a petty crime. And there's no good justication for it. If the stuff is so inexpensive, why not just stop at the office supply store, drug store, or discount store on the way home and pick it up?
  14. \

    I LOVE those old people that snack in the produce area!
    They make me laugh!!!
  15. I guess I agree with everyone so far!
    It depends what it is, and how you took it....

    I have worked in an office setting for over 15 years and at times have taken a print cartridge, reem of paper, highlighters, if I am doing WORK on my computer at home...

    I also seem to have a purse FILLED with pens!!!! :wtf: But I usually bring them back.. ( I am a NOTORIUS Pen thief!!! NOT intentionally though...:shrugs: )

    Stealing is stealing.....I know some women who have taken BAGS of stuff home at school time! :sad: NOW THAT is stealing!