Are Stam bags too heavy for every day?

  1. Hi I just bought a MJ Stam bag from Net-a-porter and I was really suprised at it's weight empty (with chain attached). I then put absolute basics in it - phone, wallet, cheque book to test and it now weighs 2.3 kgs! Like an average newborn... It's much heavier than my admitedly smaller Prada and possibly uncomfortable over your shoulder for long periods. Do you get used to the weight of do you get arm, back, shoulder pain lugging it around? I am thinking about sending it back as it's too expensive to sit unused because I may find it impractical as an everyday bag.Thanks.
  2. I carry mine on the weekends... It is heavy-this is the only bag that I have that I am NOT SORRY it is not suede lined. :lol:
  3. i use my stam almost every day and it's the elastic quilted kind...i'm not sure it makes a difference....but i usually carry it in hand and i've gotten used to the fact i took it to Nordies and one of the sales gals loved it and wanted to try it on and said it was too heavy....but trust me it's a bag you can forget about all that's simply splendid
  4. ^^ Well put..."Simply Splendid"!!
  5. ^ i gotta agree wtih aggie. sure, it's heavy, but it's a gorgeous bag. for that, i will grit my teeth and tolerate the aching shoulders. with a coat on, i can hardly feel the chain strap. it does get tiring after a while when i carry it in the crook of my arm though.
  6. I think the elastic ones (such as I have) are far lighter than the regular leather ones. And absolutely lighter than those with suede lining.
  7. They are heavy, but such great bags....I have shoulder problems and lately I have taken to carrying mine without the chain. Not as cute as "with", but it works much better for me and it's beautiful bag with or without.
  8. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment I think I am heading towards sending it back as I really need it to be glamorous, stylish and as pain free as possible. I have 2 children (1 toddler) and can't see myself being able to carry it in the crook of my arm all the time.

    Does anyone know how it compares to the MJ Lou or Ines shoulder bags weight wise. Are they good to get instead if weigh less?

    Thanks in advance.
  9. the lous weight much less than the stam
  10. i totally get that. I mean, i love it and put up with it but it isnt my everyday bag. Its my once a week bag. And if you have kids its totally too heavy. what about a baby stam for evenings?