Are SPY Bags still in fashion?

  1. Hi, this is my first post on the Purse Forum so please be patient :smile:

    Do you guys think the SPY Bag is still fashionable???

    I have always, always loved this bag and recenlty I have been thinking about purchasing one, but don't know if there are still the "it" bag...any advice???
  2. Hi :smile: I still see many ppl carrying SPY bags so, altought it's not THE IT BAG, its still fashionable... And if u like it go for it ;)
  3. Chasing the elusive "It" bag can drive a person crazy. An "It" bag generally lasts one season before it is replaced by a new bag that everyone MUST have. So if you want an "It" bag, you can shell out over a thousand dollars every season chasing one. I think it is much better to buy the bags you love, regardless of whether the latest stars are carrying them or whether the latest magazines are featuring them.

    I adore Spy bags. They are absolutely beautiful!
  4. Welcome Vlore, you will have a great time on here.

    I have been on the PF for a few years now and I have always seen threads going way back asking if the spy is still an "it" bag. It does not matter if its an "it" bag or not, their is not a bag out their like it, it is stunning in every way. Its a classic bag, a timeless work or art. The spy has been round for a few years now and will be around for a lot more.
  5. Hi & welcome Vlore!

    I went though a phase of the Spy bag then sold mine & I just bought another black. I really missed my Spy. As Saich said it is timeless & classic. I too think it will be around for quite some time to come!
  6. I think the 'It Bag' has run its course ... buy what you love! This question always gets asked whether it being a coffer, a spy, a paddington, etc. ... a bag is always in style as long as you can still rock it when you carry it!
  7. I agree with the other girls! :smile: I don't have spy bag yet, I'm looking for a used black one..hard to find.. I don't care if the spy bag is "out", I love bags with an "idea"..I like how there something mysterious about the spy bag, and someday when I carry one, it's gonne look faboulous 'cos I love it! :smile:
  8. Thanks ladies for the's true, the Spy bag is a CLASSIC...
  9. I never, ever feel like carrying a spy is outdated -- When I carry my spy, I get lots of complements and head turns because it is so unusual, pretty and unique....:tup:
  10. I'm a spy convert. I never used to like them and now I'm lusting after one.

    I think the model is so chic it won't go out of fashion. It bag is a passing moment, I never jump on that bandwagon but buy bags that I'll find stylish year after year.
  11. I don't know if it's an "It" bag, but it's a classic. To me a good sign of a classic is when they keep making them every season. And, they bring the spy bag back season after season in differnt colors!
  12. A beautiful classy bag that is going to stay beyond fashion - and I don't just say that because I have five of them!

  13. I think the spy is gorgeous. I love mine, whether or not it's the hottest "it" bag. It always looks great, and that's all that matters.
  14. Yeah I don't think it's the "IT" bag but it has certainly left its mark on the fashion industry. If you like it, then go for it! As long as you are happy that's all that matters, right?
  15. i have 4 spys and want a million more!!! they are never out of fashion to me