Are Speedy’s Still in Style???

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  1. Are Speedy’s Still in Style

    When was your last Speedy purchase and which one did you get?

    I’m considering a Speedy in Azur as I have the Monogram and Ebene prints. Most of my LV bags are Monogram prints and also have a Neverfull in Azur. Why am I still stuck on LV...
  2. It's a classic, definitely still in style. I love it in DA.
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  3. I bought a Speedy B 25 in DE in October 2018. I wore it a ton all winter; it was a great casual all weather bag.

    I’m wearing my NeoNoe now more but I will pull out the Speedy again when fall comes. I don’t think it looks dated at all.
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  4. Yes. Still very much in style.
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  5. Speedy is a classic! You can’t go wrong with a Speedy. I have all three canvases and an Empreinte, and I love them all. They are functional and each one fills a need. They are quintessential Louis Vuitton.
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  6. I don’t have a NeoNeo and it’s becoming more appealing every day.
  7. IMO the speedy is a classic and will always be in style. I purchased my mono speedy 30 new more than 20 years ago for less than $500 the current price more than double. Not only do I still have the speedy 30, I also have the mono 25, the DE 35 and the speedy denim which I gave to my daughter who was carrying it last week and several people stopped us in Short Hills to comment or to ask where we found it. Should you decide to get a speedy I hope you love it as much as I love mine.
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  8. Lol
  9. The Speedy is forever. My first is 15 years old and I want 3 more
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  10. Ok
    Cheers to that!
  11. Timeless classic.
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  12. Classic !
  13. It's very interesting that the Speedy here in Switzerland isn't very popular no more in the last 1-2 years.
    The Speedy was too often to see and too popular in the last years I think. Also in the preloved market the Speedy isn't very good to sell.
  14. The Speedy is a classic! I have had multiple versions of Speedy's over the past decade and my current one (and forever one) is my beloved Speedy 40 Bandouliere. Perfect for everyday use and also great as a gym bag! Always a classy bag to use - not too big, not too small!
  15. yes.