Are Some Vintage GUCCI'S made in Mexico from the 1980's?

  1. I have just aquired a vintage GUCCI that has the gold plate inside with the style of writing of Gucci and it says made in mexica with the date from the 1980's. It's over 20 years old,but there is no serial number underneath the leather tag that the gold plate is attatched to. Did Gucci allow mexico to make and sell them because of a complicated family related license issue and because at one time Gucci was from Mexico? This is what i was told. This is the first one i have collected that is old that says made in mexico,so i was wondering if is authentic or not. Thanks for any reply.:yes:
  2. Would you mind posting pics on the -- Authenticate This Gucci -- thread? I heard about this story too. Have you posted on eBay purse board? They've a resident Gucci vintage expert Aegiale there.
  3. could be. I was told by the manager at the Beverly Center boutique that back in the 80's (not sure exact time frame) that Gucci licensed out the name to just about anybody. It almost bankrupted the company. When Tom Ford came on board he bought back all the licenses which helped return the Gucci name to a reputable luxury brand
  4. ^^^In the very late 80's, early 90's there was a family dispute and the company fractured into 2 divisions. During this time there were some horrible things going on.

    There was a line created with the classic pattern, but small print in very bright colors...they looked alot like the liz claibornes that were very popular at the time, and ended up selling at Marshalls :sad: I wouldn't doubt they were made in Mexico. They have not held up well at all through the years (at least the ones my mom had, and she is a fanatic about her bags)...where as the classic ones have held up fantastic.
  5. Hi. I'm fairly new to the forum. I have a question concerning this subject...

    On December 1st, 1999, I bought a purse and a wallet from a Gucci store in an upscale shopping center in Mexico. Both say "Gucci Italy", not "made in Mexico" (like a purse my mom gave me, which she bought at the Gucci store in Acapulco in the 80s). I paid about $450.00 USD for both items (both on sale). I'll post pics of them when I put batteries in my digital camera, but I want to ask this:

    If Gucci Italy had licensed the production of goods and authorized the stamping of its brand and logo on them, wouldn't this make them legitimate Gucci products? I mean, I went into the store believing I was dealing with the real deal, and a few years after, I find out that possibly those items are not consider authentic Gucci? I always buy directly from the brand stores, or from department stores (Saks, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Paacio de Hierro, etc), since I like the whole luxury goods experience: going into the store, being taken care of... When I went into that Gucci store (which no longer exists), it was no different that going into a 5th Avenue store.

    So, was it a scam? The store sure was a luxurious one.

    Can't wait to hear what you ladies think about this!:smile:
  6. I have alot of vintage bags, a couple of them gucci and some versace & chloe bags and none of them are as nice as the bags are now...period. i think that there was a huge renaissance in the early 90's that revolutionized the creation of the handbag & luxury items. IMO my gucci bags from the 80's are kind of yuck compared to the line now...
  7. Try to take some clear the pic and put them in the thread --- Authenticate This Gucci --- and some nice girls will help you :idea: