Are some Prada bags over priced???

  1. O..I know...isnt all of the bags in that catagory??!! It seems though....
    I hear this most often for Prada bags from people latley...

    I do understand that the Nylon bags might appear to be made with cheaper material to most and so a few hundred for one might be looked at as being way over...but it does last and it seems like unless you try it, you cant truely appreciate it...but...

    Alot of the new Prada styles are so high priced and Im torn as to what I feel about them now....Do you guys have simular feelings???
  2. No more overpriced than any other couture brand. :smile:
  3. Yes... I think Prada is great, however it is well overpriced for what you can get from other designers. Especially here in Australia. I recently bought a Bottega Veneta Woven Messenger for the same price I would have paid for a Nylon Prada Messenger (if bought from DJs here in Australia).
  4. yes.. especially for non-leather ones.
  5. Yes...this is what I mean.....compartively out there with other Designers.....Im not saying its not worth the money...but just that it seems to be overpriced a bit....:shame:
  6. All designer bags are Over priced...LOL..Prada is worth every penny..I have so many that look new..That ive worn to death!They hold up better than ANY designer
  7. I think Prada is one of the most durable fashion houses out there today. I have a Prada bag that I use almost everyday and I admit that I don't take care of it at times, but it looks brand new. I also think it's worth every penny.