Are some Bloomies getting LV counters??

  1. I don't know if anyone else got the huge 'Celebrate' Bloomingdales Holiday Catalog/Book. Any how on the fourth page thereabouts there is a woamn in an evening dress with the mono Lockit and a braclet going between the handles ina cute dangly way.

    So what I'm wondering does that mean some Bloomingdale's will be getting Louis Vuitton counters. That's what I think it means.

    Has anyone heard anything. ALso in the catalog it specifically says no phone orders.
  2. The Bloomingdale's in SF has an LV counter.
  3. Yup that was what I was going to see. I was just there last weekend, SF is a great place to shop now, especially after the new bloomy opened. It's a shopping heaven :smile:
  4. it would be if I wasn't in NY
  5. there are several bloomi's with lv counters. a couple macy's with lv counters as well. they are all listed on the back of the lv catalogs with phone numbers included
  6. I know of Macy's with LV counters
    Neiman with Counters
    Saks with Counters

    I was just hoping for a bloomies near by
    as bloomies takes good care of me in terms of my limit as opposed to Macy's that I have had for four years that has reduced my limit to $100.00
  7. I wish mine would..they're just opening one but I don't think they'll put one in. :sad:
  8. they REDUCED your limit!?! woah, i never heard that happening before, I would be furious :cursing:
  9. In NYC, Bloomies has an LV botique, not just a counter. Macy's has an LV boutique inside as well, but bigger than Bloomies.
  10. yea, the Bloomies on Lexington in Manhattan has LV
  11. Wow! I wish my Macy's would get an LV boutique, or at least a counter.

    Of course, that could be a dangerous thing for my's five minutes from where I work. :graucho:
  12. Some Bloomie's has it. I wish a couple more has it.
  13. I wouldn't mind an LV counter in my local Macy's either. Mine only has a Coach counter! :hysteric: