are snakeskin/crocodile bags also are still in fashion?

  1. yes, can't make up my mind, i found a bag at t.j. maxx, it's tommy h. and made of faux snakeskin but it doesn't have that shiny effect, i remember it looks like a handheld bowler.any opinions? should i get it or not? it's only $24.99
  2. Yes, exotics are still in. :yes:

    I would, personally, always choose faux snakeskin and crocodile, as it's a kinder option than the real thing - so this bag sounds great to me.

    If you like it, I think you should get it! :biggrin:
  3. Exotics will "always" be "in" because they are expensive and the fashion editors love using expensive pieces as a way to "distinguish" between the "fashionable" and "not." (Which I do not agree with, but it's true because there is rampant snobbery in high fashion.)
  4. i think they'll always be in!
  5. Yes, definitely classic.
  6. sounds cute - you can't go wrong for $24.99!
  7. I think exotic pieces are classics so they'll never go out of style!
  8. ITA!! I have a mock-croc bag that I :heart: and it goes with absolutely everything!!
  9. They are always in.